Ngarru Miimi

Lillardia Briggs-Houston
Maternal connect to Yorta Yorta and Wiradjuri country (NSW/Vic). Paternal connection to Gangalu country (Qld)

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When and why did you start your business?

I'm still in the establishment phase of my business but, Ngarru Miimi was created as a reflection of the strength in identity, pride in culture and resilience of Aboriginal Peoples, with the power of kinship and connection to ancestral lands being the backbone. My dream is to inspire all who wear Ngarru Miimi to feel the same sense of strength, pride and connection that we feel as Aboriginal people and to collectively showcase Aboriginal culture as a daily reminder that we are, and always will, stand strong on traditional lands. Huge motivation was also the lack of 100% owned and operated business in my industry. A large amount of non-indigenous companies exploiting Aboriginal art for textile and design, for massive profits, while the Aboriginal artist struggles even though their work is the very reason for success. I want to reclaim this space from start to finish - artwork design, screen/block print to garment construction and keep the business solely for and by Aboriginal people. Live and breathe self determination.